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Media Placement

Some tips for you to consider when purchasing radio spots or other media buys

Select a radio station with listeners that best represent the demographics of your customers, or the group of customers that you would most want to attract to your business. Remember, youre not necessarily looking for the radio station or stations that you enjoy listening to you want to concentrate on the stations that are most likely to deliver the right numbers.

If possible, trade for the broadcast time instead of paying cash. Radio stations need prize giveaways and trades with local restaurants can be quite popular. Partial trade and partial cash payments may also be negotiated. Try and trade with gift certificates rather than setting up an open account. Offering gift certificates from your business as prizes for station contests or promotions is another way to garner additional on-air mentions for your establishment.

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Rather than a taped 30-second or 60-second radio spot, try a live read with one of the on-air personalities of the station. Prior to writing the commercials, be sure to invite the personality to your establishment to sample your food and to meet the staff. Its common for live reads to run beyond the 30- or 60-second time limit as these radio personalities elaborate on the fun times and good folks they met at your business. Often, the commercial sounds more like a celebrity endorsement than a paid advertisement. This is especially true for a station that has a talk-show format where its not always clear when the host stops for a commercial break or is just rambling on about personal experiences.

You may even want to try a remote or live broadcast from your business, again using the same on-air personalities. Autograph signings and other special events are also great ways to promote your eatery by attracting customers who might not normally frequent your establishment.

Do be cautious when buying radio time, because it can be costly. However, once you select a radio station for your advertising efforts, make a commitment to give that station a fair shot at developing a successful campaign for your business. I have found that a 13-week buy usually earns you a reasonable discount and is long enough in duration to offer a sound measure for success or failure.

For more information on planning your next radio spot, call Ference Marketing & Communications at (412) 233-5491 or send us e-mail.

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